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Working from a hotel is the new WFH

Open the door to your new office! Even as restrictions ease, remote work isn’t going away. This means that working from home will continue to be a feature of life for many. If you’re one of the many people who are keyboarding on the kitchen table or video-conferencing from the quiet of your bedroom, it’s important to adopt some new strategies to remain engaged and productive over the long term. Civic Hotel is offering the best workspace in Surrey, with fabulous options to combine work and local travel for every kind of worker.

What kind of worker are you?

Exhausted Multi-tasker

Those playing the parent/teacher/manager/cook/cleaner role will wonder what took them so long to get here. Revel in the rediscovery of working alone quietly, crossing things off your list, and having video meetings without worry about a messy kitchen. Your room has everything needed, including a desk, a private bathroom, in-room catering, and your choice of whether you want a cozy bed as well. No cleaning and not a single nose to wipe.

The Creative

The confines of your home workspace may be dulling your creative edge. A ‘workation’ in a cosmopolitan art-filled hotel, with views of Surrey City Centre’s exciting contemporary architecture from every window, will certainly take you outside of your “normal.” Working in this stimulating environment filled with natural light, you may just find yourself making the connections that trigger rewarding creative breakthroughs.

Deadline Chaser

If an uninspired home office is sucking the energy out of you, ramp up your routine with a ‘workation’ to help you deliver that critical project. Working in a beautiful space with very few distractions, a quiet room, illy® coffee, and in-room food delivery, could just lift you up and over the finish line. Once you’ve clicked ‘Send’, reward yourself with an end-of-day glass of vino or cocktail downstairs in the lively Dominion Bar + Kitchen.

Digital Nomad

If your roaming has been curtailed, then it’s time to explore Surrey’s inspiring new Health and Technology District, a hub for academics, healthcare, and business innovators. From your touchpoint at the Civic Hotel, work in your room then head downstairs to our business centre to use the muffled sounds of people as background noise. Switch it up by sitting in Prado Cafe or Dominion Bar + Kitchen, a favourite lunch spot for local high-tech workers. And wherever you go, you’ll be followed by seamless wireless high-speed internet.

Rockstar Employee

You’ve really pulled it out of a hat over the past year, and the boss wanted to reward you. Yes, you need to get some work done, but no one can say you don’t deserve the glam of doing it in one of our beautiful hotel rooms. Or maybe you’ll find work more enjoyable done poolside. Our outdoor lap pool and whirlpool hot tub overlook Surrey’s Civic Plaza. To wind down as the workday comes to a close, celebrate with a happy hour treat from Dominion Bar + Kitchen, of course. 

To learn more about our hotel room offices or our Work Anywhere Day or Stay Pass promotion, please contact our sales team by email at or phone at 604.951.3331.