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Civic Adopts Best In-Room Hospitality Technology Trends for Business Travellers

The tech frontier is advancing rapidly in the hospitality sector, as in many others. Technologies now encountered by guests in a small number of hotels include robotic butlers and check-in clerks. Iris scans can unlock your guest room in a few hotels or enable access to exclusive facilities. And what about paying for hotel goods and services using just a fingerprint?

These examples offer a fascinating taste of a futuristic and highly technologized model of hospitality. When 30% of travellers already consider the availability of technology prominently in their choice of hotel, nowadays, it’s only a matter of time before these and other technologies and systems that connect across multiple devices and applications to customize the guest experience become standard features.

As the research that will ultimately revolutionize hospitality continues, however, today’s business travellers are looking to access the core technologies to support their devices, such as reliable, uninterrupted high-speed internet connections. Even as many hotels commit enormous sums to improve the technology they offer and devise workarounds to eliminate dead zones, for example, problems persist. And this is where the new-builds can really shine

New hotels are constructed with all the latest fibre and technology infrastructure integrated right into the building, all of which provides for the capacity to evolve and adapt as new demands arise. That’s certainly true at Civic Hotel, where we’re providing in-room solutions to support and integrate the devices and platforms that help our business guests perform professionally during their stay.

Our free gigabit WiFi will satisfy even the most digitally active guests. Once registered on the network, they can enjoy seamless, high-speed coverage throughout the entire hotel. So whether they’re working on a laptop in their room or downstairs in the business lounge, they’re covered through the entire facility for the duration of their stay.

With 85% of modern travellers reporting that they travel with at two or more devices, we have set our our WiFi capacity based on four devices per room. We’re also providing some choices when connecting to the network. Guests can connect through LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google or some other preferred social media account. Passcodes can be provided for those wishing a more discreet presence.

To support the preparations for client meetings or presentations being done in-room by guests, or simply help them stay connected to the office, USB-A ports are integrated right into the electrical sockets. This means no more fumbling around for chargers, for most devices. And guests who are not permitted to use WiFi for transmission of classified information will can use the hard-cabled, secure Cat-6 Ethernet plugs available in every room.

These are just some of the in-room technologies that are standard features in every Civic Hotel guest room. While it may be a long time before you’re greeted by a robotic clerk at check in, everyone at Civic Hotel is excited to help drive the innovations and provide the tools needed to resolve our guests technological needs. It’s just one of small parts we can play in putting you on the best possible footing for the important business you’re doing here in City Centre.