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Wedding Planning Q&A with Candice Jones

Photo: Christine Pienaar

With this year’s weddings either postponed or looking different than originally planned, we sat down with Candice Jones, Owner & Principal Planner of A Day To Remember, to get the inside scoop on event planning and some tips and tricks for your special day. 

1. Tell us a bit about yourself. 

I started assisting a prominent Vancouver wedding coordinator in 2002. I fell in love with event planning so I enrolled in post-secondary for event marketing. Soon after (14 years ago now), I started A Day to Remember, a coordination, decor, and DJ company for weddings and corporate events. I’m a big believer that creating memories and celebrating monumental moments is the MOST important thing in life. 

2. What is your favourite part of planning events? 

Giving my clients the best day of their lives is the most rewarding part of my job. My favourite part of an actual wedding day is sending the couple down the aisle to begin the ceremony. Even though I’ve done over 400 weddings, I still get emotional and excited for each one!

3. What is the benefit of hiring a wedding planner? 

My job is to stay on top of things for my clients. I am their planner, problem solver, financial advisor, secretary, and counsellor all in one! I take care of all the mundane and stressful tasks which allow my clients to enjoy their engagement and not become overwhelmed with wedding issues. 

A planner will…

Candice Jones, Event Planner

4. What are the 3 most important things to consider when selecting a venue location? 

5. Name some tips for staying within the budget. 

Prioritize. Figure out what is most important to you. Is it food? The location? The number of guests? The dress? Sit down with your partner and list your top priorities so you know how much to allot for each item. Don’t forget about taxes, insurance, delivery, setup and takedown costs that some vendors and venues may charge. If you have no idea where to start with the budget, meet with a coordinator for a coaching session. These are hourly meetings where we go over everything (budget, venue options, logistics, etiquette, scheduling, etc) depending on where you are in the planning process. From my experience, you will save more money with the advice a coordinator gives you compared to an hour of coaching. 

Thank you for sharing some tips and tricks for event planning, Candice! Recently, we hosted a wedding event in our Civic Hotel ballroom with Candice and Kimberley Falconer, our catering sales manager – see some pictures below.

Civic Hotel Wedding Shoot

See more about Candice’s event planning company, A Day To Remember, on Instagram, Facebook, and her website. We’ll be sharing photos of our recent wedding shoot on our social channels too @WeAreCivicHotel on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.