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Top 5 Reasons to Have an In-Person Event at Civic Hotel

The proverbial handshake or hug is still off the table, yet bringing people together at in-person events delivers benefits that just can’t be matched by Zooming. Research shows that face-to-face meetings generate trust faster by revealing body language and more subtle visual and auditory cues that tend to get lost on-screen. These and a whole host of other reasons mean that in-person meetings are better at enhancing business relationships or inspiring team members or colleagues.

1. People prefer in-person meetings 

Millennials prefer face-to-face over virtual meetings at a rate of four to one. Gen Xers aren’t far behind, with 78% preferring in-person meetings. Fortunately, our team provides lots of options for gathering safely in one of the most popular event spaces in Surrey. We can set up small groups in a natural light-filled 475-square foot executive boardroom. Larger groups can gather safely in one of our other customizable spaces, right up to our dazzling 2,400-square foot ballroom. And don’t worry, we’ll organize the floor plans, signage, and sanitization areas.

2. Enhanced social and technological experience  

When proposing new ideas, people assess how favourably these have been accepted by how quickly others respond. When it comes to your pitch, the contemporary features of our stylish public and business event spaces will enhance your brand and ensure everyone is relaxed and paying attention. We’ve also got your back with seamless wireless hi-speed internet and all the audio-visual equipment you need to deliver your presentations or brainstorm with team members. Our hybrid events provide added virtual connections with those who cannot attend in person.

3. Connect with Confidence 

People connect more easily when they can chat informally during breaks in the event program. Even at a safe distance, talking face-to-face offers you the chance to show some personality and humour and help showcase your organization’s culture. While you’re busy creating valuable connections with colleagues or potential clients, we’ll keep everyone happy and well-fed with delicious individually packaged snacks or plated meals served by our renowned catering kitchen. Check out Civic Hotel’s Connect with Confidence event program. 

4. Our Commitment to Clean 

For those guests spending the night with us, our Commitment to Clean program keeps them comfortable from check-in through to bedtime, maintaining high standards across all hotel amenities, like our gorgeous outdoor pool and fitness centre. 

5. Knowledgeable Event Managers to Help Navigate Restrictions

Civic Hotel is adhering to directions from local health authorities. Our sales and catering professionals will ensure every aspect of your thoughtfully planned event aligns with the most current health guidelines and rules. Find more information on the current province-wide restrictions and proof of vaccination cards on the government website. 

We’re so excited about the opportunity to support your business objectives. By organizing your event with you, we can alleviate some of  the stress of hosting face-to-face interactions with clients or colleagues. This leaves you free to focus on your most important objective, a productive get-together that boosts your brand and your business’s bottom line.

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