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The Best Surrey Tourism Blogs and Websites

Business travellers, we know you plan your trips differently from leisure travellers. Of those travelling for fun, 70% plan their trips at least 21 days in advance, leaving lots of time for research and advance planning on what to do and where to visit. When it comes to business trip planning, however, 15% of you are booking trips only 1 to 7 days in advance and 57% are booking just 7 to 21 days ahead.

Focusing on work prior to departure is a given. Adequate preparation is considered by many business travellers as the most critical aspect of ensuring a positive return on investment for your trip. Yet it doesn’t leave as much time to research how to fill the hours and days after the work is done, even as research shows that a little more than half plan to enjoy a bit of free time while at their destination.

So what can our time-challenged business guests do when the clock stops and the laptop is safely packed in its case? What is the most enjoyable way to fill a few hours or even days when you haven’t had a chance to research or plan much in advance? We have compiled a list of the best blogs and websites to help you get up to speed quickly and out enjoying the wonderful opportunities for fun and recreational activities right here in Surrey.

Discover Surrey BC

This is Surrey’s official tourism site. It provides a broad listing of what to do both indoors and outdoors, where to eat and drink, where to play, and where to shop in different areas of the city. If you want to pick up some great locally made, organic snacks at a farmers market, take part in the amazingly colourful annual Vaisakhi parade or go on a local nature walk, this is a good place to start.

The site’s blog, True Surrey, provides detailed stories about some of the people and places that give Surrey its reputation as a relaxed, friendly place to hang out. For example, recent posts introduce some of the many local artists, artisans and studios. If arts and culture are your passion, you may feel inspired to drop in for a visit with one of them! The section on North Surrey covers the people and places closest to Civic Hotel.

We’ve extolled the merits of the City of Surrey’s award-winning site in other blog posts, but it’s such a packed portal that we just have to mention it again. If you’re looking for detailed maps or up-to-the-minute data on traffic congestion to help you find the best routes to your destination then this is a great place to start. It even gives you opportunities to provide feedback directly to municipal officials.

The MySurrey app and a host of other mobile apps are other ways the City delivers information about the location of parks and recreational facilities nearest to you. They can keep you updated on local news and allow you add upcoming events to your calendar, among other things. One of the apps, Dinesafe Surrey, also provides access to recent inspections of the restaurants and eating establishments you’re visiting while here in town.

Surrey604 / SR3Y

This is a real insider’s site, a treasure trove of information on what’s happening, who’s doing what, where everyone’s going and what’s locals are talking about. Compiled by residents, this online magazine has a lot of spice and energy and offers a detailed view in to the trends, attractions and politics of one of Canada’s fastest growing and most ethnically diverse cities.

Our favourite features include the webcast The Local (which includes a recent episode looking at the construction of Civic Hotel!), a series interpreting the newest trends as presented during India Fashion Week and blog streams focusing on trends, philosophy, urban life and technology in the city, among other topics. They definitely deliver the attitude and insights that will enrich your visit.

Surrey World Web

This site provides a series of maps that allow you to easily pinpoint the locations and contact information for a wide range of attractions, businesses, food and beverage spots, art galleries and other establishments. It may be helpful to guests who prefer lists and a simplified visual display.

Getting Around Surrey

Once you’ve decided what to do and where to go, you need to find a way to get there. If you’re keen to go green, then everything you need to know about planning your trip to and from your destination by public transportation can be found on If car-sharing is your preferred mode of travel, head to to book your car and find the parking spots nearest Civic Hotel. And of course, the Civics at the Hotel’s Front Desk are always happy to call a taxi or help you book a rental vehicle.