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Prado Café Brews the Social in Every Cup

Grab your phone and a friend or colleague and head down to the recently opened Prado Café in the lobby of the Civic Hotel. Owned and run by award-winning barista Sammy Piccolo, this beautifully realized space is located at the north end of the building’s bright, open main lobby. From its locally roasted coffees and healthy elixirs to its smart selection of delectable treats and light meals, the Prado celebrates everything that’s great about café culture here in Surrey’s City Centre.

First things first. If coffee’s your beverage of choice, Prado’s selection of hot or iced drinks made with signature blends from local roaster 49th Parallel and milk from Avalon Dairy will hit the spot. For those looking for new and energizing options, beverages like the innovative beetroot latte (proceeds for which are donated to local women’s charities) or the amazing turmeric elixir will call your name. The syrups used for drinks, such as the one for the turmeric elixir (containing honey, ginger, turmeric and black pepper), are all house-made.

If you want something to eat with your coffee or drink, Prado’s pastries and treats are all baked in-house. Toast and delicate waffles round out the breakfast and brunch menu, while those looking for a more substantial snack or for lunch will love the eclectic choice of wraps or sandwiches made on organic artisan bread. Or get some of your daily ‘5 to 10’ when you order the gorgeous salad bowl made with fresh arugula, peas and parmesan.

While great food and coffee are important, they’re just one part of what creates great coffee culture. The other, of course, is social. Located in the lobby of the 3 Civic Plaza building, Prado is perfectly situated to pick up on the cool vibe of Civic Hotel guests from across the country and around the world as well as the energy of the entrepreneurs, IT experts, professionals, academics and municipal officials driving the rapidly growing health, hi-tech and academic hub unfolding around the Civic Hotel.

Coffee at Prado even works for those who like to do their social alone, while sitting and engaging in the most classic of café past-times, watching people. There’s certainly no end of choice in seating, which ranges from sleek, modern sofas to hip, communal tables looking out through the floor-to-ceiling windows on to Civic Plaza.

So whether you’re looking for a delicious breakfast on the run, a quick spot for lunch with colleagues or a public space for a sophisticated afternoon meeting with clients, Prado’s got all the ingredients for fabulous café culture. The drinks and food will satisfy the body, the social will fill the heart and calendar, while the amazing light and design of the space will please the eyes. That’s why it’s fast becoming the hippest café in town.