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Plans expanded to make Civic Plaza a full sized KPU campus

“This was an important step for KPU and this was the right location and the right building to be in,” says KPU president Alan Davis.

KPU originally planned to occupy only three floors of the complex, seeing the space as a satellite location to the four main campuses. After being approached about expanding to occupy five floors, the KPU administration is now looking at the space as a full campus in its own right. The university will control an entire podium of the complex.

“There will not be any trouble filling [the five floors.] We’ve got lots of ideas and lots of possibilities brewing,” says Davis. “It’s going to be quite the facility.”

The central location was a key factor in the university’s decision to open another campus. It was originally Century Group that approached KPU about the possibility having a presence at Civic Plaza. Davis says that the administration jumped at the opportunity because they had felt that it was important for the university to have a presence in Surrey’s downtown core for a long time.

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