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Government Focuses on Surrey for Urban Growth

It’s no secret that Surrey is changing.

From the new high-rises to the booming population growth, and Translink’s plans to redevelop the Surrey Central SkyTrain station and add it to the map of the Light Rail Transit line that is part of the $2-billion 10-year transit plan. It’s clear that the government sees South of the Fraser as the next big opportunity for Metro Vancouver.

Recently, the candidates for the B.C. Elections are focusing on spending $1 billion to replace the Patullo Bridge, and both levels of the government are in talks about committing $4.4 billion to the project that is a major connector of South of the Fraser to the rest of the Lower Mainland.

With billions on the line and buzz all around, it’s exciting to be a spectator of the growth of The City of Surrey, and also be at the forefront of this change, or at the very least, be part of this change.

So what does this mean for us when the government is starting to prepare for future demand and overcrowding in our transportation systems?

This means the leaders of our municipalities and cities are foreseeing what we saw years ago when we started to plan for 3 Civic Plaza.

They’re seeing Surrey as a place of growth and change, and they’re investing in it; they’re anticipating population growth and preparing for a major shift that is already starting to take form; they’re encouraging us to change our perspective on Surrey’s reputation.

They’re taking action.

3 Civic Plaza is the icon that represents this change because we believe that we can be a beacon for innovation and belief. For the most part, we’ve done just that by inviting Kwantlen Polytechnic University to open its business campus here in the heart of Surrey Downtown and opening a luxury brand boutique hotel, Civic Hotel, Autograph Collection, that will serve as the meeting space for major businesses and business-minded people.

To all those who joined us on this journey, we want to sincerely thank you.