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Insider Tips for Enjoying Surrey in the Summertime

Business travel usually leaves little time for anything but, well, business. If you’re not heading into meetings straight from the airport, you’re tucking into your room to catch up on last-minute emails, update your calendar or prepare for presentations or briefings. Yet even if you do find yourself with a couple of hours to kill between meetings or before you head back to the airport, it’s often hard to know what to do with that precious time. How can you get the most out of it in a city you don’t know?

Why not follow the lead of those who live and work in Surrey and make your way to some of the best spots in town, typically known only to locals? A survey of Civic Hotel’s friendly associates reveals some of those hidden gems that shine particularly bright in the warm, summer sunshine. Not surprisingly, most involve the outdoors. This beautiful municipality, once known as the City of Parks, is home to more than 200 beautiful parks and greenbelts covering 2,500 hectares (6000) acres.

So put on some sunscreen and grab a sandwich or cool drink from Prado Café, located in the hotel lobby, and head out for some fresh air and sunshine. If you’re looking to go somewhere nearby, you can access some of these spots on foot. Others require a car or can be accessed by transit. Whatever you’re in the mood for, our associates provide the insider information that will help you enjoy a taste of the best of Surrey in the summertime.

When it gets warmer, I like going to Holland Park. The flowers are pretty amazing, there’s always something seasonal in bloom. I’ll just sit and read and soak up the sunshine. Or I’ll watch the kids running around or whatever’s happening on the basketball court. I enjoy going for a run there on my days off. They also have really cool festivals there, like FVDED, an urban music festival, or Fusion Festival, which celebrates Surrey’s cultural diversity. — Valerie, Front Desk

My favourite thing about the summertime in Surrey is definitely the patio. We’ve got great patio life happening at various pubs and restaurants around here. The drinks and food are all so much better when you’re outside in the sunshine, hanging out with your friends. Too bad we don’t have the weather here to do it all year round. — Sumeet, Security

Tynehead Park is where I go when it’s nice outside. I’m into walking and it’s got lots of trails, including a circular one that takes about an hour to walk. Or I’ll take my dog walking there. I just love being outside in the forest. They’ve also got a fish hatchery on a river that runs through the park. I love that park. — Katie, Front Desk

My favourite place near Surrey is White Rock. The beach is so beautiful. The water’s cold but I love to sit and look out at the sea. It’s also nice by the pier. Even if there are lots of people there, on the weekends, it’s still got a calm, relaxed atmosphere. If you’re hungry, there are lots of restaurants. The fish and chips are great and the ice cream is amazing. — Andra, Guest Experience Manager

When it’s hot outside, I go to Hawthorne Park. We’ll either bring food from home or stop and pick something up on the way. We lay a big sheet out on the grass and spread the food on it. Then we just sit and enjoy watching the sun going down. My kid will run around having a great time, playing with a soccer ball. We do this every week in the summertime. I love Surrey. — Alberto, Executive Housekeeper