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Civic Hotel Embraces Lifelong Learning

As the autumn colours deepen around us, the buzz being generated by the thousands of students and researchers hard at work in post-secondary and advanced education campuses across Surrey’s City Centre is building. We can certainly feel it here, while we put the finishing touches on Civic Hotel in preparation for our opening. And we’re finding the drive for greater skills and knowledge, and the ideas emerging from those attending or working at any of these nearby campuses and research labs, nothing short of inspiring.

Education Is a City Centre Priority

At Simon Fraser University’s (SFU) Surrey campus (one of three major university campuses located within one square mile), the focus is on computing science, interactive arts and technology, business, mechatronics, engineering and health science. SFU researchers are actually leading the world in fuel cell and advanced materials expertise. They’re also carrying out cutting-edge research in neuroscience, medical imaging and a range of other mental health and aging-related issues.

Fortunately for all of us, the ground-breaking ideas and innovation that define their work are being carefully nurtured through health tech accelerators, like Innovation Boulevard, created right in City Centre. These partnerships connect local academic, institutional and commercial groups, through organizations such as the Health Tech Innovation Foundation, to ensure that new technologies make their way from labs and clinical settings out into the marketplace, where they can make a real, tangible difference in people’s lives.

Elsewhere in City Centre’s university district, the University of British Columbia (UBC) has opened a clinical teaching hospital campus for its medical students at Surrey Memorial Hospital. Another Innovation Boulevard partner, UBC’s researchers and academics are busy leading the way in innovative applications and technologies in the health and health tech sectors. These will also change people’s lives.

And let’s not forget Kwantlen Polytechnic University, which is scheduled to set up a campus at 3 Civic Plaza, on three floors of the residential tower adjoining us here at Civic Hotel. The campus will serve students pursuing upper level courses and accreditation in advanced business, industry and professional studies. It has also been envisioned as another hub connecting professionals and researchers with City Centre’s health and clean tech sectors.

Education Matters!

No matter which campus we’re talking about, it’s clear that the ideas and technologies emerging from campuses like those around us are laying the foundations for greater wellbeing and a more sustainable future. Some of them, especially those addressing sustainability through building technology, are already making a difference right here at Civic Hotel.

In fact, our building at 3 Civic Plaza was designed from the ground up to conserve energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The building’s construction includes in-slab heating system and the passive heating and cooling of meeting and guest rooms. Other innovative technologies being used include daylighting and energy-efficient design features like solar window shades and glazing.

We’re also offering tech-forward services and amenities, like seamless, high-density wireless internet throughout the facility, an online concierge, paperless meeting facilities and the latest high-tech equipment for events held in any of our event spaces.

Civic Hotel is just as committed to providing down-to-earth pleasures like a restful night’s sleep for out-of-town guests or family in our comfortable, luxury rooms. But our staff is rising to the challenge of serving this fast-growing academic community by offering them the most sustainable business facilities and connections needed to move their studies, research and commercial projects forward.

We’re doing that because we believe in the value of the work being done by the academic community. We all benefit from education. So, best of luck to all the students, researchers and administrators for the 2017-2018 school year. We salute your efforts to build a future based on higher skills, knowledge, intelligent growth, evidence-based research and the latest practices and smart technologies from right here and around the globe.

We look forward to meeting you soon!