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Civic Hotel’s Central Location a Step Towards Professional Success

While we’re all looking for success in our professional lives, the way each of us defines success is fluid, in this modern world. We all know the journey towards that destination will be different from the journeys of others and will unfold according the each’s potential. But sometimes you need to set the stage for that success to happen, whether it’s setting up meetings that build your client base or building a career in the high-end hospitality industry.

Civic Hotel in Surrey’s new City Centre is just the place to realize your potential. Did you know that we are situated at the geographic centre of Metropolitan Vancouver? Not only that, but this soon-to-open luxury business hotel is served by a vast transportation network that makes travelling to or from the hotel about as straightforward as it gets within a large, busy metropolitan region.

A Thriving Hub Connected to Everywhere

An extensive network of roadways provides a 35-minute connection to Vancouver International Airport and Abbotsford International Airport. The road system also connects quickly to vital industrial, commercial and trade-related centres as well as to various Canada-US border crossings. And unlike in many dense urban centres, parking is readily available in the area surrounding the Civic.

If you’re looking to public transit to get you from here to there, you can’t do any better than the light rail system known as SkyTrain. This system provides a scenic 35-minute connection between City Centre and downtown Vancouver. It can also connect you with rail, ferry and rapid transit connections to other major urban and regional centres across the metropolitan area.

Surrey is also planning for construction of a new Light Rail Transit (LRT) system to connect City Centre with other urban hubs within the municipality, in preparation for the explosion in population and business opportunities, which are expected to exceed those in Vancouver by 2040. Further rapid transit connections will be added with City Centre as a hub, making it one of the most accessible urban centres in the region.

And if you’re looking at moving around more locally, pedestrian and bicycle traffic ranks high on the municipality’s listed transportation priorities for City Centre. To this end, they are focusing on city planning techniques that combine high-density mixed use with streets that safely accommodate cyclists and pedestrians. The techniques used to accomplish this include balancing speed limits, shorter blocks, finer-grained road networks and improved greenways and connections to amenities.

So make the journey “there” the easiest and most enjoyable part of your day…one that will put you on the path to a successful future. Life is too short and your time matters. Whether you’re staying with us for a few days of business or part of our amazing team of Civics, let us add a little bit of easy to your busy, busy life.