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Civic Hotel is the New Place to Host Your Next Business Event

With construction nearly completed, Civic Hotel is scheduled to open in November 2017, yet the sales team is already booking business events and meetings well in to 2018. From the response so far, it’s becoming clear that the Hotel, which is the first luxury boutique hotel constructed south of the Fraser River in decades, is meeting a long-unmet demand for premium business and hospitality space in Surrey.

What’s become equally clear is that people are really responding to the enormous appeal of some of Civic Hotel’s distinctive features, starting with its location at the centre of Surrey’s rapidly emerging City Centre.

Surrey City Centre is Metro Vancouver’s Next Business Hub

Designated as Metro Vancouver’s next urban core, Surrey’s new downtown is becoming the home of an amazing local academic, medical-science and financial-tech sector that’s generating a lot of buzz. The cutting-edge research, educational, and clinical work that are happening within the overlapping health-tech and university districts are being nurtured by accelerators like Innovation Boulevard and the Health Tech Innovation Foundation. Throw in a growing body of highly skilled and motivated students, professionals and clinicians and you’ve got an incredible mix of innovation and growth happening right outside the Hotel’s front door.

“Our clients seem to be picking up on the excitement of being part of this amazing economic and environmental transformation,” says Bobby Brosseau, Civic Hotel’s Manager of Sales. They’re also keying into the advantages of being located right in the middle of a major transit hub that connects City Centre with the rest of metropolitan Vancouver. With transit available just metres from the lobby, guests can access downtown Vancouver in just 30 minutes via SkyTrain, the region’s high-speed light rail system, and make easy connections to a raft of rapid-transit buses and ferries taking them wherever they want to go.

Civic Hotel Leads in Sustainable Design and Technology

In addition to the excitement of being situated at the heart of the region’s emerging new urban downtown core, the Civic Hotel’s sustainable design is also a draw for the environmentally conscientious crowd. It’s especially appealing to those customers who are concerned about making their business travel just a bit more eco-friendly. “We understand there are people who have to travel but are really concerned about the minimizing their environmental impact,” says Brosseau. “So we’re trying to ensure that we’re doing everything we can to offset their carbon footprint, not add to it.”

At Civic Hotel, this means the integration of low-carbon heating, air conditioning, ventilation and cooling systems housed in-slab. These systems involve the storage of heat inside the building’s concrete columns. Heat for cooling, warmth and domestic hot water is redistributed as required. And any excess is recycled, via a closed loop, through the Municipality’s District Energy Utility, a geothermal field located beneath the adjoining plaza. Add this to a host of other integrated green technologies like daylighting and the seamless wireless experience provided throughout the building and guests have something to feel good about other than the creature comforts of a sophisticated business hotel.

Create Memorable Experiences Guests Will Talk About

In the end, aside from the venue’s neat features and incredible location, it comes down to offering successful business events that create a really positive experience. And this is where Civic Hotel is taking the lead.

“We want to be able to provide something in addition to the more traditional, conservative options for meetings, and offer planners some fun, highly creative options,” says Bobby. “Everyone will enjoy our amazing food, the most up-to-date a/v services, paperless meeting facilities, et cetera. But we can take it that bit further in the ways we mix those with the vibrant arts and international communities outside the Hotel’s doors. And turn a simple business meeting or retreat into an exciting, memorable event that gets people coming back for more.”