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Calling All Civics…

When we first put out the call for staff, we knew we’d found a winner when Bobby Brosseau knocked on our door. He absolutely typified the kind of person we’re proud to call a Civic. Bobby began his career more than 20 years ago as a doorman at a venerable Ottawa hotel, wearing a suit borrowed from his father. Since then, he has worked at a stellar selection of 4-star hotels and resorts across North America. “Early in my career,” he says, “I decided to only work at hospitality venues that aligned with my personal values, in terms of excellence of service delivery.”

Change In and Around Civic Hotel

While we have acquired a talented, high-performing Manager of Sales, Bobby has gained not just a new service delivery position, but something that has transformed his life: a job much closer to his Surrey home. “In the past,” he reveals, “I’ve had to travel two or more hours downtown, each day, to be able to maintain my professional standards, because there haven’t been any hotels of the Civic’s standard in Surrey.” By becoming a Civic, his commute has been significantly shortened. And the change, he declares, has been nothing short of transformative. “Now I arrive at work in minutes, fresh and ready to engage and be the best Bobby I can be.”

Now that he works close to home, he has had the time to fully engage with some of the other opportunities that come along with being part of the economic transformation taking place around the Hotel’s location in City Centre. “It’s been incredibly challenging and inspiring to work here amidst the academic and civic institutions and the technology accelerators on Innovation Boulevard. I tell staff that they need to walk around with a copy of the Vancouver Sun under one arm and the latest edition of Wired magazine under the other. We need to be able to understand and anticipate the needs of our guests and those attending business events here.”

A Vision Brosseau Can Be Proud Of

Brosseau is also proud of the hotel’s commitment to green values, through its innovative design and focus on sustainable technologies and operational processes. The building design, which includes in-slab radiant heating and cooling, as well as its use of the City of Surrey’s award-winning geothermal district electrical grid, are only some of the features designed to reduce the carbon footprint of its visitors.

Fascinating guests and cutting-edge design aside, what has not changed is Bobby’s commitment to customer service. “We’re already building an innovative, world-class hotel and business facility. The other equally important piece is building a team of high-energy service professionals who really care about creating a comfortable guest experience. A team of people who think ahead of the curve and provide what guests need, before they even have to ask for it.”

If you’re interested in joining our team of Civics, visit the careers section.