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A Short Conversation with Studio Media Founder and Blogger Alexa Suter

Between travel for clients of her digital marketing agency Studio Media and writing Love, Alexa, a travel and lifestyle blog followed by tens of thousands, Alexa Suter has put in some serious time on the road. Whether it’s a road tripping around Oahu or meeting clients in New York, this influential blogger and businesswoman has seen pretty much everything when it comes to travelling for business. And if there’s one thing she’s learned to appreciate, it’s a hotel that understands the special needs those who travel frequently for work.

Civic Hotel was designed with guests like Alexa in mind. Building on a seamless wireless internet experience throughout the building, our business facilities include flexible meeting rooms as well as a co-working space within the stunning, art-filled lobby. Besides providing state-of-the-art equipment, the business amenities available to our hard-working guests also include one of the best cups of coffee in town and a full-service restaurant and bar where guests can continue the conversation with clients or kick back after a successful day.

When it’s time to tuck in for the night, our premium modern accommodations include stunning views from floor-to-ceiling windows, openable windows, superior bedding and flexible in-room work stations. Guest rooms also provide plenty of space for guests to spread out in our luxury bathrooms, equipped with marble countertops, walk-in showers, high-end lighting and toiletries by Deserving Thyme.

We caught up with Alexa after an overnight stay with us, where she worked on a video campaign about Civic Hotel. Here’s what she had to say about life on the road, her stay at the Civic, and the importance of a good night’s sleep.

Q: Is your job as a travel blogger and agency owner really as glamorous as it sounds?

Even though I love it and it’s amazing, it’s not as glamorous as it sounds. The hardest thing is when you arrive at a gorgeous destination, you feel like you’re on vacation and you want to be able to enjoy every second of it. But you can’t because you need to be capturing the beautiful moments you’re experiencing almost all the time. You’re having to capture the beauty of the place in a really short period of time while trying to enjoy your stay. So whether I love my work or not, it still takes me out of the moment because I’m in work mode even if I’m in a beautiful place.

Q: What are the most important features in a business hotel?

Good wifi that works throughout the entire hotel, not just in certain areas, so that you can always upload and download files. A communal business area or lounge, with adequate outlets and lighting, is also important, where you can sit down and have a coffee and still get your work done. What I know from my own experience and hear from other business travellers or colleagues is that you don’t always want to be completely shut away working in your room. It’s important that there’s a balance, finding just a bit of human interaction, where there’s a bit going on and you feel comfortable, but nothing too distracting because you’re there to work.

Q: What kind of details do you notice in a hotel room?

The bathroom is a really big one for me. I’m looking at the countertops, the quality of the shower and the lighting. I always notice the lighting in the bathroom. Another important detail is having adequate wardrobe space so that there’s enough room to actually hang up some clothes and somewhere to put your luggage. I would also say the general aesthetics, like décor and the ambience of the lighting inside the room matter to me. And obviously, the bedding is really important. Getting a good night’s sleep is critical, especially when you’ve got to get up and be really productive the next day.

Q: What would appeal the most to people about Civic Hotel?

The beauty of the lobby hits you immediately when you walk in. How beautiful it is and the attention to detail in the wood panelling, the art installation hanging from the ceiling, even the check-in and business lounge areas. It’s all very aesthetically pleasing and really stimulates the right side of the brain. If there’s business going on in the area it would definitely be the number one choice of place to stay or do business. I was also really thrilled to see Prado café in the lobby!

Q: How would you define your own experience at Civic Hotel?

I stayed at the Civic during a time when there was lots going on, business-wise, and I’d been doing lots of travelling. I really just needed to have a good night’s sleep and that’s what I got. I had a really wonderful sleep, which makes a big difference the next day when you get up and you’ve got a lot to get done. I woke up and was like, hey, I feel a bit more refreshed, almost rejuvenated.