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Assistant Housekeeping Manager

Reporting to the Executive Housekeeper, the Assistant
Housekeeping Manager will assist in the day to day function of all areas within
the Housekeeping Department – Room Attendants, House persons, Laundry
Attendants and Receiving. The Assistant Housekeeping Manager will be in charge
of the Housekeeping Department in the absence of the Executive Housekeeper.


  1. Leads by example and supervises daily operations of
    the Housekeeping Department; assists within any areas that need extra help to complete
    tasks; while consistently maintaining high
    level of cleanliness and guest service.
  2. Handles or assists with guest comments, concerns and
    requests in a timely and professional
    manner, ensuring guest needs are met.
  3. Helps achieve departmental goals and contributes ideas
    for best results, building relationships with co-workers by providing
    motivational leadership and guidance.
  4. Work together with the Front Office to ensure
    pre-arrival requirements are met in preparation for guest arrival.
  5. Works in conjunction with all departments of the hotel.
  6. Walking the public areas such as the lobby, back of
    house, fitness room, etc, to ensure these
    areas are clean, tidy and well maintained.
  7. Inspects guest rooms prior to guest arrival.
  8. Attends various Housekeeping meetings and hotel functions as required.
  9. Is able to work in other areas within the Housekeeping Department
    covering as needed.
  10. Performs all assigned duties and tasks in a timely and
    efficient manner in accordance with
    established company policies and procedures.
  11. Understands and strictly adhere to the Rules &
    Regulations established in the Employees
    Handbook and the Hotel’s policy on Fire, Hygiene, and Health & Safety.
  12. Ensures that all irregularities, potential and real hazards are
    identified and reported immediately.
  13. Reports for duty punctually wearing complete uniform at all times.
  14. Administrative duties.
  15. Performs any other duties as assigned by management.


A minimum 2 years of previous supervisory or management
experience in the Housekeeping Department of a boutique or luxury hotel.


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